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Gluru success story

Gluru is an intelligent machine learning platform that organizes your digital life, offering a smart personal assistant that supercharges your daily workflow. Gluru connects with your data wherever it lives, and learns how and when you need to use it — surfacing documents, files, messages, and more at the moment you need them.

Gluru evaluated various solutions for their infrastructure monitoring and alerting, as well as analytics and visualization of backend metrics and KPIs. They were looking for a modern, all-in-one solution. After experimenting with various platforms, they unanimously decided to adopt InfluxData’s TICK Stack — because it does exactly what they needed and it is built using some of the same technologies that they have selected for their own platform. They use InfluxDB for measuring service performance, Telegraf for infrastructure monitoring, and plan to use Chronograf and Kapacitor for visualization and alerting.

Advanced ML models

Improving the accuracy of forecasting with more metrics

Better customer experience

Notified of outages impacting customers faster with improved alerting

Gain observability

Insights into infrastructure supporting their platform

Technologies Used

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