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GraphCMS is a headless, flexible content management system (CMS) for websites, apps, services and more, based on GraphQL that allows users to build rich content APIs within minutes. GraphCMS allows customers to build websites and applications that are not restricted to any specific framework, using the power of GraphQL.

After searching through multiple tools for the ideal program to monitor and collect metrics from various SaaS and PaaS projects, GraphCMS decided to go with InfluxDB and has deployed InfluxDB’s TICK Stack for a number of projects ever since. Developers at GraphCMS appreciate InfluxDB’s easy setup, simple maintenance and scalability — making it the ideal tool to collect metrics, time series data and monitor projects.

Millions +

Number of digital experiences improved for 40,000+ teams worldwide

Silo reduction

Consolidating content stored within various microservices, etc.

Adopted DevOps practices

Observability gained, by developers, into their SaaS and PaaS projects

Technologies Used

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