Hedron d.o.o. is a small studio for collecting, managing and monitoring data, services and servers. They offer application development, managed hosting and automation from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Some of the more specific services they offer include hosting services; monitoring local or remote resources; software crafting; and ETL, data analysis and prediction.

Hedron’s internal application is a metrics ingestion system, built on top of InfluxDB and Riemann. This combination allows them to ingest all sorts of events ranging from system and hardware usage, up to application-specific metrics and metrics from various online sources. Hedron uses InfluxDB mainly for metrics storage, but also as storage for various machine learning model data that they apply to stored metrics.

The team at Hedron found InfluxQL, the powerful SQL-like query language, to be one of the most compelling features of InfluxDB. They use InfluxQL for “all sorts” of complex metrics queries and calculations and find it to be unmatched by other metrics databases. Beyond InfluxQL, the second important feature of InfluxDB for them is how lightweight this time series database is in setup and resource usage. They are able to ingest thousands of metrics per second on commodity setup. In the future, they look forward to better learning and utilizing Flux, InfluxData’s new data scripting and query language.