Based in Oakland with offices in Toronto and Munich, Gravitational is an infrastructure startup that makes cloud applications portable. Its technology allows developers to deploy and remotely manage applications on any infrastructure, anywhere in the world. Gravitational bridges the gap between software vendors and enterprise customers. Its mission is to simplify the management of cloud software.

Customer Success Story: Gravitational

Gravitational’s Gravity offers multi-region automation for distributed applications. It combines a production-hardened deployment of Kubernetes with Teleport, Gravitational’s multi-region SSH server, enabling clients to manage multiple deployments of Kubernetes applications across regions, data centers and cloud providers.

Using Gravitational, companies can take code on public cloud servers and deploy it on multiple private servers. Their applications run as a service on private infrastructure, allowing sales to enterprises that require private cloud editions of their services.

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The Challenge:

There are two use cases that Gravitational wanted to solve for their customers — Private SaaS and Multi-Region Kubernetes. Private Saas refers to when software vendors (including SaaS applications) need to deploy their complex software into private data centers or third party cloud accounts owned by their enterprise customers (often due to regulatory or security measures). Multi-Region Kubernetes refers to when Operations teams in large companies with many distributed product teams need to provide Kubernetes-as-a-Service within their organization across multiple hosting regions and multiple hosting providers.

To support these use cases, Gravitational needed the solution to be portable and secure to avoid their customers being required to deploy different versions of their infrastructure and thereby face the complex problem of running infrastructure versions they can’t control. The solution needed to provide multi-region deployment and management for complex, multi-tier applications across distributed infrastructure, as well as a means to monitor system and application performance.

To solve its business problem, Gravitational developed Gravity (which combines a production-hardened deployment of Kubernetes with Teleport, Gravitational’s multi-region SSH server) but needed to monitor Gravity and its different components, to set up real-time performance alerts and enable high-level metrics and measurements analysis after the fact. Gravitational’s search for a time series database suitable for configurable monitoring and alerting resulted in choosing InfluxData.

The Result:

Using InfluxData for Kubernetes monitoring, Gravitational’s Gravity “Kubernetes-on-Autopilot” allows SaaS companies to deploy their complex applications into on-premise and private environments. Gravity achieves portability for multi-tier applications by packaging a client’s applications, along with Kubernetes (and all dependencies) and creating a single, autonomous tarball that can be installed across server clusters.

By choosing InfluxData, Gravitational was able to make cloud applications portable for its clients and implement improvements that extended the power of Kubernetes and served their own need to scale the operational management of applications across many clusters.

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