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Icotera delivers innovative gateway and software solutions to leading fiber operators in Europe. With customized solutions, 24/7 support and unique software, Icotera is a leading provider of high-quality fiber-based Internet, TV, telephone and smart home solutions with endless possibilities for network operators and end users. Icotera has its headquarters in Brøndby, Denmark, research and development center in Szczecin, Poland and production in China at some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

The Icotera application uses InfluxDB to store data from 200K+ devices to collect important metrics like CPU load, free mem, counters to monitor devices’ conditions and to help visualize the trends using Chronograf. This is a distributed system, with a queueing system to help them batch data (5K values in each batch) to push to InfluxDB.

They are impressed with the simplicity of InfluxQL, the different downsampling settings per table and the easy-to-use APIs.


Number of devices collecting important metrics

Gained trend analysis

Maintain performant distributed network

Improved customer experience

Better insights into fiber and CPE solutions

Technologies Used

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