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UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions

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UltraLinq Success Story

UltraLinq’s cloud-based ultrasound and image management solution can revolutionize your practice by providing physicians, technologists, and admin with the most effective and seamless workflow for evaluating, sharing, and archiving your imaging exams and reports. Save time. Save effort. Save money.

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions is anytime, anywhere image management and reporting for doctors. They are currently using InfluxData’s InfluxDB for real-time analytics for an internal API that tracks the state of work items. An example is a doctor who uploads an ultrasound, and the state of that image/video is then tracked with InfluxDB. Their data and code is secure and HIPAA compliant. Since their application has thousands of data points, InfluxDB gives them the ability to get really granular when it comes to tracking and reporting data. It is also inexpensive to store data as opposed to something SQL-related.

InfluxDB gives UltraLinq the flexibility to handle thousands of data points at a time, making their application fast and efficient.

Enabling real-time analytics

Monitoring of cardiovascular cloud PACS platform

HIPAA-compliant reporting

Ensuring secure sharing of patients’ healthcare data

Cost-effective observability solution

Able to store all metrics needed for tracking and reporting

Technologies Used

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