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Innovative Integrations

Innovative Integrations is a U.K. company led by experienced professionals, and established to rethink how organizations can continuously improve and outperform rivals. They operate at the intersection of strategy, technology and design to improve the performance outcome by combining advanced data analytics, design and engineering expertise with their clients’ industry knowledge to deliver solutions that have a significant impact on performance.

Innovative Integrations provides data warehousing solutions for high volume FX market data, combining the power of their complex event processing engine Ethel and InfluxDB’s TICK Stack to provide instant access to market data from the ICE Consolidated Feed – circa 150 million events per day.

Increased competitive advantage

Enabled clients to continuously improve and outperform rivals

150 million +

Daily average number of metrics collected

Improved customer experience

Enabled customers with personalized analytics tools

Technologies Used

“The operators and simplicity of InfluxDB coupled with the beauty of Chronograf make it easy for our clients to build custom streams with filters.”

- Jonathan Bowker, CEO, Innovative Integrations

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