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tado° success story

tado° GmbH was founded in 2011 in Munich, Germany as a company focused on home climate control. Driven by its mission of smart energy management without sacrificing comfort, tado° believes it is possible to live comfortably and still act responsibly. Since 2012, tado° has been connecting heating systems with the internet and making their control even smarter. In June 2015, tado° augmented its service with a Smart AC Control that enables consumers to intelligently control air conditioners. Their app adjusts to the residents’ behavior in real time and also takes current weather forecasts and building characteristics into account. tado° GmbH is a Munich-based tech startup bringing the Internet of Things into the Cleantech Market.

With the number of smart homes set reaching 500-700 million globally in 2020, demand is rising for smart home technologies to reduce energy usage and cost. That’s why tado° uses the intelligence and power of the web for its Smart Thermostat and AC Control unit to prevent energy waste while delivering the highest level of comfort. tado° uses InfluxDB Cloud to gather analytics data collected from its hundreds of thousands of units across the globe, and uses this data to power their smartphone apps which helps their customers understand their energy usage and determine their ideal setting.

The result: tado° Smart AC Control device, as well as its web and mobile app, makes any air conditioner smart by making it controllable from anywhere. It provides an intelligent solution to automate temperature control using a variety of collected data (geo-location of the user, temperature, user settings, current device functional state) and lets users know when the device may need maintenance. InfluxDB Cloud serves as Smart AC Control’s secure and hosted scalable time series database to collect data and serve it to their mobile app through its simple-to-use query language, InfluxQL.

31 %

Actual energy savings from automating heaters, radiators, air conditioners by using sensors

Replaced MySQL

After exponential growth lead to them not being able to scale properly and effectively load their data

Improved customer experience

Through easier setup, access to real-time data and historical analytics

Technologies Used

“While testing other solutions, we tried our current production loads against InfluxDB and found that it exceeds our needs.”

- Michal Knizek, Head of Server Development, tado°

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