KNXMonitor is the first cloud-based remote debugging, monitoring and control system for KNX installations, requiring nothing but an off-the-shelf KNX IP-router and an Internet connection. KNXMonitor has been developed by a group of financial services professionals who are interested in home automation. With more than 20 years of combined experience developing real-time financial systems, they saw the synergies between what they were doing with real-time systems and what was required for monitoring and debugging an automated building.

KNXMonitor is a cloud-based remote monitoring and control system for KNX installations. The key for KNXMonitor was the ability to visualize what was happening in their systems and to store time series information in order to use the data debug installations as well as learn from the data. Most functions in a KNX-installed building happen over a longer timeframe than watching the ETS monitoring window for hours on end, and it was crucial to build a solution to this problem. KNXMonitor was able to build this system by using InfluxData’s InfluxDB.

KNXMonitor uses InfluxDB to store thousands of individual metrics for residential and commercial buildings using the KNX Protocol. This typically runs into the hundreds of data points per minute per building. KNXMonitor likes the fact that by using InfluxDB, their data is compressed and they can conflate the data when querying it. They have been storing data reliably for a few years now using InfluxDB.