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Netvlies success story

Netvlies is a web consulting agency in the Netherlands.

Netvlies turned to InfluxData for its DevOps monitoring and is using InfluxDB to monitor 40 LAMP servers and dedicated VPS servers. Architecturally, the company uses Nagios and NRPE with these metrics stored in InfluxDB using graphios. Company data is visualized with Grafana. For new servers coming online, Netvlies is considering using Telegraf, and if it all works out, will do a backward migration for existing servers. Kapacitor’s capabilities are also required for completing its monitoring stack. Netvlies would like to phase out Nagios and go with a single, integrated stack.

40 +

Servers being continuously monitored

Gained observability

Improved clients’ DevOps practices

Real-time alerting

Resulted in reduced server downtime

Technologies Used

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