Nobl9 is a tool for site reliability engineers (SREs) to track service level objectives (SLOs) and error budgets. Nobl9 pride themselves in providing customers the ability to unify the software development process and enable the successful delivery of more reliable software in order to achieve sustainable customer happiness.

Nobl9 does so by arming and aligning business leaders, software engineers and DevOps teams with the insights and tools they require, without internal conflict or competition. They believe in enabling teams to rally around users by collecting service metrics from a variety of sources and filtering them through the lens of SLOs, providing new context and clarity to every part of the organization including product and business stakeholders, developers, IT operations, and of course SRE.

In developing Nobl9, the team implemented InfluxDB as their trusted time series database to help support their SRE tools and services. Aside from identifying InfluxDB as an excellent time series database, they found that it easily integrated with their existing ecosystem and legacy systems. The team at Nobl9 also appreciated the strength and support of InfluxData’s collaborative community.