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Web Shop Fly

Web Shop Fly (now FlyMeTo) needed an application performance monitoring solution that would provide real-time visibility into user activity and thereby implement their strategy of improving flight search and purchase experience. Yet with multiple portals in multiple countries, and in the context of a highly competitive industry and a complex online ecosystem, Web Shop Fly faced major challenges. They turned these challenges into market opportunities by starting with a solid plan and the right toolset.

Web Shop Fly’s application performance monitoring solution is built on top of InfluxDB, an open-source time series database, used to collect and store user interactions and application metrics and events as well as send automated notifications in the case of errors.

Web Shop Fly uses standard metrics from Google Analytics, Hotjar and AWS CloudWatch. They augment this with metrics that they collect from the instrumentation of their application, infrastructure, and business to get an understanding of user adoption, health of bookings, infrastructure and network health and performance. This comprehensive visibility, made possible through InfluxDB, helps them make UX improvements, respond quickly to anomalies and ensure the quality of the flight data.

Gained real-time visibility

Needed a monitoring solution to understand user activity

Enhanced observability

Better app performance insights and automated alerts

Improved customer experience

Made changes to UX, faster response times to anomalies

Technologies Used

“Why did we select InfluxData? The first reason was very fast adoption. We were able to quickly create the events, push them into InfluxDB, and show the analytical views from InfluxDB to various stakeholders.”

- Mirek Malecha, Director of Product Management, Bonitoo

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