Objective Corporation Limited provides information technology software and services in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and internationally. It has several key products:

  • Objective Enterprise Content Management manages content, builds business processes and empowers users to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Objective Inform provides document management, records management, Office 365, SharePoint governance, deployment options, reporting insights and drawings management solutions.
  • Objective Perform is a streamlined content-driven process that offers workflow designing, case management, anywhere access, transparency, accountability and governance solutions.
  • Objective Connect creates a secure and private workspace.
  • Objective Keystone includes content management, collaborative authoring, review and verification, one-click publishing, multichannel distribution and stakeholder engagement solutions.
  • Objective Trapeze transforms the development application process.

In addition, the company provides professional, management, education and technical support services, as well as engages in the capture, collaboration and manipulation of large documents, complex drawings, maps and plans.

Objective has a set of services that use InfluxData for monitoring. The team uses a combination of InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana to monitor and manage their backend infrastructure. They chose InfluxDB as the data store for their metrics.