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ProcessOut success story

ProcessOut provides an easy to use payment aggregation gateway to companies to help ease the usual long, painful, and expensive integration with payment gateways, especially with international payment gateways. Setting up ProcessOut takes less than five minutes and gives customers reach to a broader audience by providing local payment options that matter to their customers.

ProcessOut turned to InfluxData to solve their DevOps monitoring challenges. ProcessOut needed a solution to monitor and alert on the activity of their payment data solution. They needed a powerful time series database to gather, store and manage their key payment statistics (logs, metrics and events).

Now ProcessOut can analyze payment data, and proactively monitor and alert their customers based on this activity. ProcessOut found that InfluxDB is incredibly easy to use, powerful and lightweight.


Amount of payment failures recovered by payment analytics and routing platform

<5 minutes

Time needed to set up and get started with ProcessOut

Improved DevOps processes

Managing key payments stats and proactively notifying clients of activity

Technologies Used

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