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Proserve success story

Proserve focuses on business continuity and business transition, through the development, implementation and management of integrated business solutions: hardware, software and services. Proserve offers infrastructure services, cloud services, managed platforms and applications and managed security.

Proserve uses InfluxData for real-time analytics to focus on business continuity and business transition for its customers. Proserve is currently moving its Cacti and Munin instances towards a Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana solution. The company is downsampling data using Continuous Queries to eventually be able to gather stats from approximately 500 hosts.

Enhanced customer experience

By providing better business continuity and transition solutions

Replaced Munin and Cacti

Needed better monitoring and visualization of time-stamped data

Real-time analytics

Enabling clients with improved data querying and downsampling

Technologies Used

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UltraLinq Success Story

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