ReproConnect provides project distribution and document management solutions to the Reprographics industry. The Software as a Service (SaaS) powers hundreds of online planrooms across the country. ReproConnect offers reprographers the ability to quickly and easily receive files from customers, post projects online, send out invitations to bid and more. All of ReproConnect’s infrastructure is hosted and managed with AWS, from dozens of EC2 instances powering the servers and RDS database clusters, to S3 storing terabytes of high resolution full size blueprints & project documents.

ReproConnect needed the ability to collect real-time data about anything & everything pertaining to their software — from server infrastructure system stats to application log data and customized end-user event-driven metrics. They wanted one centralized system for storage of all the aggregated data for their DevOps monitoring strategies. This system had to be fast, reliable and simple to setup. InfluxData’s InfluxDB, Telegraf and its custom plugins were able to meet those needs. A central dashboard was designed using Grafana and where fully customizable notifications were a must, Kapacitor fit the bill for alerting. Other key factors for ReproConnect were:

  • Ability to collect real-time data with the use of custom collectors/plugins
  • Ease of setup & use
  • Integrated reporting & notifications