Robonect has developed a network device for monitoring and provisioning remote sites without the need for personnel onsite. This device allows them to remotely manage any IT component — network, servers, telephony, power supplies, and even sensors. Robonect also provides a user-friendly web interface to perform all tasks on the devices — from gathering metrics, configuring notifications, automating tasks, providing real-time and historical views of metrics gathered, as well as providing access to troubleshooting tools to fix any issues that are revealed by the metrics and events gathered.

Robonect uses InfluxData’s InfluxDB to perform IoT Monitoring and DevOps Monitoring of their onboard flash memory. InfluxDB is the backbone to create a fully autonomous system that allows Robonect to do backup management over mobile.

Key features in InfluxDB that are important to Robonect are the ARM support, all in one binary package, small package size, as well as the built-in time series tools (aggregation, filtering, merging data).