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Unix Edge: Customer Success Story

Unix Edge wanted to build a reliable fleet surveillance solution to collect performance metrics for the industrial machines at their customers’ chemical plants and refineries. For the oil and gas industry, real-time remote equipment monitoring is critical given the high cost of machinery downtime and dispersed geographical locations. Unix Edge meets that need by providing specialized Edge Devices to their customers that support analog, digital and optical sensors including GPS, temperature, pressure, humidity, hall effect, proximity and even analog gauges.

Unix Edge stores the data collected in an InfluxDB database and uses Grafana to build custom dashboards for their customers, delivering cost savings, added efficiency and improved safety.

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The Challenge

Unix Edge set out to develop a device for remote monitoring of oil and gas equipment. The remote monitoring business opportunity for this sector is compelling. For example, offshore oil and gas producing platforms host equipment and have to produce their own electric power since they are miles out into the ocean, using a gas turbine. If the turbine goes down, they lose electric power and can’t produce oil. Remote monitoring for such equipment is absolutely critical. That same monitoring technology could be used for less costly industry equipment, such as oil and gas vacuum trucks and compressors.

The Result

Unix Edge managed cloud solutions require zero in-house IT resources so their customers can focus on their core business. Unix Edge’s business model is a monthly subscription fee per truck, per asset, per compressor, per machine. Unix Edge shows customers how they are achieving cost savings for them by sparing them unnecessary maintenance, reducing fuel consumption, enabling more efficiency and improving safety. Using InfluxDB, Unix Edge is fulfilling its mission of building managed solutions that combine cloud platforms and Edge Devices to deliver tangible business value.

“If I were to describe InfluxDB in three words, I would say: performant, flexible and cooperative.”


Frank Inselbuch, President, Unix Edge

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