LineMetrics GmbH (Haag, Austria) is the manufacturer of a complete real-time asset monitoring solution delivered through its end-to-end IoT platform. LineMetrics enables users — for a small monthly subscription fee and without the need for IT expertise — to view sensor data in real time. LineMetrics monitoring as a service can be used with almost any vertical — manufacturing, energy, retail and others — a true plug-and-play solution that drives data-driven decision-making and enables new efficiency levels and new business models. The LineMetrics product is used by hundreds of customers in over eight countries and stands for simplicity and versatility. The company was named “Born Global Champion” by the President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Dr. Christoph Leitl, and State Secretary Dr. Harald Mahrer. Reinhard Nowak, CEO, is leading LineMetrics’ global expansion.

As industries reinvent themselves through IoT and companies race to put IoT applications to work for their business, there is a genuine need for an IoT platform that creates business value without requiring a large budget or IT support. This is what led LineMetrics to develop a plug-and-play asset monitoring IoT platform that connects to any type of sensor to make it easier than ever to gain insights into KPIs like number of parts produced, most common downtime reasons, storage conditions, and energy consumption. LineMetrics uses InfluxDB as the time series database for their IoT platform to capture, store and aggregate sensor data in real time. The LineMetrics platform provides easy, pay-as-you-go sensor-based optimization for businesses. It enables plug-and-play monitoring “as a service” for all, anywhere in the world, with no IT complexity, no upfront cost, no project management needed. At the heart of its solution, LineMetrics uses InfluxDB Cloud to gather metrics and events from its customers’ sensors, graph the data in its cloud and send information and threshold-based alerts to its mobile app for customers to take appropriate action.