inray Industriesoftware GmbH is an industrial software company located in northern Germany, over 20 years in the market and with 70 employees. inray is creating a distribution network for OPC routers, and has some 50 partners in more than 30 countries and several thousand software licenses implemented worldwide. inray works for manufacturing companies of all industries in the food and non-food sectors. Thanks to extreme scalability, small manufacturing companies appreciate inray’s products and international scope, with its project engineers traveling across Germany and Europe. inray is a specialist in the industrial sector, providing software solutions that enhance MES/SCADA, LIMS, and MDE/BDE-systems. inray’s specialty is the segment of data communication between software systems and components, in the fields of Industry 4.0, IoT and IIoT.

inray wanted to provide its customers (well-known production companies in the manufacturing and process industry) with optimal software for solving their optimization needs, in a way that customers themselves can independently support and expand the implemented application. Using the OPC Router that it built, inray provides an easy way to connect InfluxDB with almost any industrial and commercial system. OPC Router collects time series data — using the OPC protocol — from PLCs, sensors, and controllers and stores this data into InfluxDB.

OPC Router is able to interface with commercial systems like ERPs, MES, and cloud systems to help automatically link data together in a meaningful way for inray’s customers. The data collected through OPC Router can be used for data transfer, analysis, reports, and executing powerful workflows to increase efficiency and quality while lowering production costs. For its Industry 4.0 clients, and via standard interfaces, inray connects existing systems without programming effort and guarantees continuous, immediate availability of data and evaluations.