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Optimizing electricity output from wind turbines requires constant adaptation to environmental conditions, while staying within the legislative boundaries. Specifically, wind turbine operators such as VLEEMO have to respect shadow flicker and ice formation limitations but still keep their turbines running as much as possible within these boundaries.

In the past, turbines were primarily monitored using remote-controlled SCADA systems. Now, all sensor information from the VLEEMO turbines is gathered in InfluxDB using multiple Factry OPC-UA collectors. Factry then augments this information with external data such as weather forecasts.

The turbine statuses are interpreted on the fly, based on the raw data in InfluxDB. Relevant information is subsequently displayed centrally in Grafana, so VLEEMO can take immediate action when necessary. In the end, this allows them to become more productive and save time in their day-to-day operations.

Using OPA-UA collectors

Collecting IoT sensor data from wind turbines

Reducing carbon footprint

Providing clean energy via 33 wind turbines in Antwerp

Improved operations

Enabling data-driven analysis and decision making

Technologies Used

“By gathering all this data centrally and in InfluxDB from all of these different sources and adding custom interpretation on that, Vleemo is able to perform operational improvements.”

- Frederik Van Leekwyck, Business Development and Marketing Manager at

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