Time series data is the future of industry. Why is that? IoT and industrial IoT applications rely on sensor data and sensor data is time series data. Collecting, managing, and utilizing time series data directly correlates to your ability to answer fundamental questions about improving production processes, machine performance, and more, that impact your entire business across the IoT and IIoT spaces.

The InfluxDB platform enables you to harness the power of time series data to build applications that improve operational efficiency, produce better and more consistent outputs, and increase profit margins.

This video highlights:

  • How Time Series Data moves the world | Evan Kaplan, CEO InfluxData
    The smartest and most innovative minds in technology rely on InfluxData products and services to improve our world — and discover new ones.
  • Life on the Edge | Brian Gilmore, Director of IoT and Emerging Technologies
    Industries are moving towards models where distributed technology and cloud-connectivity enable new paradigms for data-driven everything. How can innovators leverage the cutting edge of technology at the edge to build resilient, high-performance hybrid solutions that work at global scale?
  • Customer Panel moderated by theCUBE | Vera C. Rubin Observatory & Loft Orbital

Why InfluxData?

InfluxDB is the perfect choice for your time series platform, and it scales effortlessly as you grow.

  • InfluxData can provide you with the fastest time to the results you need and is easy to use, easy to change and easy to scale.
  • Flexible, schemaless design makes InfluxData the leading real-time solution, complete with nanosecond precision and the ability to integrate with anything.
  • With a focus on read-write optimization while supporting full clustering, InfluxData is the most performant Time Series Platform.
  • Lower total cost of ownership — stop working for your RDBS, and instead make your time series database work for you so you can focus on what makes your product thrive.
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  • 300+ Telegraf plugins and a powerful collection of client libraries means you can start immediately collecting metrics from various sources with ease.
  • Lightning-fast ingest and query capabilities allow your applications to present data to your users in near real-time, allowing for quick remediation of hiccups.
  • Downsampling and custom retention policies allow you to only keep what you really need, avoiding unnecessary storage costs.

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