Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Vera C. Rubin Observatory
Vera C. Rubin Observatory is responsible for the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time. This project will be using the Rubin Observatory LSST Camera and the Simonyi Survey Telescope. Their mission is to build a well-understood system that provides a vast astronomical dataset for unprecedented discovery of the deep and dynamic universe. The project’s goal is to conduct a 10-year survey of the sky that will deliver a 500 petabyte set of images and data products that will address some of the most pressing questions about the structure and evolution of the universe and the objects in it.

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The Vera C. Rubin Observatory presented at InfluxDays North America 2020. In this talk, they provided an overview of Rubin Observatory’s mission, described its Engineering and Facilities Database and showed how technologies like Kafka and InfluxDB give their scientists, engineers, and technicians the tools they need to analyze telemetry data in real time.

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