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InfluxDB Cloud Serverless

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Cloud for smaller workloads on shared infrastructure

Fully-managed, elastic, multi-tenant service. Pay only for what you use—no minimums or long-term commitment.

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InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated

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Cloud for scaled workloads on dedicated infrastructure

Fully-managed, single-tenant service for high-volume production workloads.

Benefit from unlimited scale, secure private connections, and enhanced support.

Price varies based on total CPU/RAM and storage in the configuration.


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Self-managed software for scaled workloads

On-prem or private cloud deployment for high-volume production workloads.

Control your infrastructure with unlimited scale, enterprise-grade security, and enhanced support.

Price depends on total CPU/RAM in the configuration.

Marketplace Subscriptions

You can also subscribe to InfluxDB 2.x with your preferred Cloud Marketplace account to take advantage of your cloud provider credits, discounts, and streamlined billing.


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