ju:niz Energy was founded in 2014 and provides large-scale energy storage systems that provide grid services and enable trade flexibility in the energy market. ju:niz Energy develops intelligent energy management systems that control and optimize the operation of battery storage systems. They are providing clients with decentralized supply of renewable energies, battery storage, and hydrogen. Additionally, their energy management systems help control battery storage systems and energy systems for optimal use.

ju:niz Energy is collecting thousands of data points every second about battery health, climate, temperature, etc. Their tech stack includes Telegraf, Modbus, MQTT, Grafana, Docker, AWS, and InfluxDB. They are using InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated, the purpose-built time series database, to collect sensor data from their batteries to enable better energy consumption analytics and predictive maintenance. By replacing their legacy monitoring solution and enabling their team with a centralized tool, they have been able to eliminate legacy Python scripting. By modernizing their practices, ju:niz Energy is improving sustainability practices and making it easier to use renewable energy sources.

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