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Build IoT, analytics, and cloud applications using the JavaScript client library with InfluxDB.

Why use the InfluxDB JavaScript Client Library?

InfluxDB is an API-first time series database for your JavaScript applications. Use the InfluxDB open-source JavaScript API client to write and query data in Node.js, browser, and Deno environments and even manage your InfluxDB instance from within your application.

Key features

  • Provides API access to all InfluxDB Write and Read functionality, settings, and advanced features
  • Write data in InfluxDB line protocol or point data structure
  • Automatically retry requests on failure
  • Batch data to InfluxDB to gain greater efficiency
  • Return InfluxDB data as a Flux Table Structure, string, csv, stream, or dataframe
  • Delete data from a particular bucket
  • Invoke a Flux script
  • Create and manage your environment (buckets, tasks, authorization, source)

Get started



const {InfluxDB, flux} = require('@influxdata/influxdb-client')

// const url = "";
const url = "http://localhost:9999";
const token = 'my-token'
const org = 'my-org'
const bucket = 'my-bucket'

const client = new InfluxDB({url: url, token: token})
const queryApi = client.getQueryApi(org)

const query = flux`from(bucket: "${bucket}") 
  |> range(start: -1d)
  |> filter(fn: (r) => r._measurement == "weatherstation")`
queryApi.queryRows(query, {
    next(row, tableMeta) {
        const o = tableMeta.toObject(row)
        console.log(`${o._time} ${o._measurement}: ${o._field}=${o._value}`)
    error(error) {
        console.log('Finished ERROR')
    complete() {
        console.log('Finished SUCCESS')

For more information, please check out the documentation.

Project URL Documentation for web browsers Documentation for Node.js JavaScript client library

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