Prometheus Client Telegraf Output Plugin

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Prometheus is a systems monitoring and alerting toolkit hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which also hosts Kubernetes, a container orchestration project. It’s open source and is a popular monitoring solution for Kubernetes metrics. To monitor services using Prometheus, your services need to expose a Prometheus endpoint, which is an HTTP interface with a list of metrics and the current value of the metrics.

The Prometheus server polls the interface periodically to collect metrics, store data, and send alerts. This architecture is called polling-based or pull-based monitoring. This system doesn’t require you to install an agent to collect metrics, but you do need to deploy “exporters” to expose the metrics from the system you are collecting metrics from.

Why use the Prometheus Client Telegraf Plugin?

This Telegraf plugin starts a Prometheus Client and exposes metrics so that a Prometheus server can poll them. This lets you send data to Prometheus from any source that you’ve collected with Telegraf. If you’ve already created an architecture using Kubernetes and Prometheus, this lets you incorporate InfluxDB seamlessly to take advantage of all its tools and client libraries for analyzing time series data. For example, you can use the Prometheus Input Plugin to send data from Kubernetes to InfluxDB, transform it there, and create a client with this output plugin to send it back to a Prometheus server.

How to use the Prometheus Client Telegraf Plugin

This plugin is simple to configure. You just need to set a listening address or port and an expiration interval for each metric, for example:

listen = ":9273"
expiration_interval = "60s"

An expiration interval of 0 means there is no expiration.

Prometheus Client metrics

The Prometheus Client Output Plugin starts a Prometheus Client and exposes all metrics on /metrics to be polled by a Prometheus server.

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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