Factry is a Belgian software company that brings the power of open software to the world of manufacturing. It develops tools to help its customers improve their operations. Together with its transparent approach, this guarantees modern and performant solutions without artificial limits.

Bringing open source to Industrial IoT

Factry helps its customers gain insights into their operations by bringing the power of open source software to the world of industrial IoT. To make this possible, Factry built Factry Historian, a solution which collects process data from industrial systems and stores it in InfluxDB.

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Learn more about how Factry.IO and InfluxData work together to make Industrial IoT customers perform better.

Customer use cases


"Factry Historian provides real-time and historical insights for everyone, from machine operator to plant manager. The technology is really advanced. It does amazing things. And it has become so powerful that everyone can start using this and gain insights into how processes are running."

Frederik Van Leekwyck
Business Development and Marketing Manager, Factry.io

"The power of Factry Historian lies in its ability to unlock existing data so it can be useful to a broader user community. It allows people to work together on data more easily and to gain insights more quickly."

Klaas Dobbelaere
Solution Architect for Production Operations, Puratos

"By gathering all this data centrally and in InfluxDB from all of these different sources and adding custom interpretation on that, Vleemo is able to perform operational improvements."

Frederik Van Leekwyck
Business Development and Marketing Manager, Factry.io

A&S Energie

One of Factry's customers is A&S Energie, a Belgian biomass plant that supplies electricity to 55,000 households by burning 180,000 metric tons of non-recyclable wood per year—that’s 22 tons per hour. At its maximum output, the plant generates 26 megawatts of power. Factry replaced A&S Energie’s existing solution with Factry Historian, powered by open source InfluxDB. This allowed A&S Energie to increase use of the process data to make their staff more efficient as well as find failures faster.


Puratos is a multinational organization, specialized in developing ingredients for the patisserie and chocolate industry. It has over 65 sites worldwide. Factry enables Puratos to centrally manage and easily access data from any location or manufacturing plant.


VLEEMO NV is a collaboration between the Flemish energy companies Aspiravi NV (50%) and Polders Investeringsfonds NV (50%). These companies specialize in renewable energy. VLEEMO built and operates 33 wind turbines on the Right Bank of the Port of Antwerp, with more turbines under construction.

Factry helps VLEEMO to optimize electricity output from wind turbines by enabling optimal adaptation to varying environmental conditions.

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