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MOXIE IoT are the creators of the MoxieWORLD platform, a modern IIoT monitoring platform which collects, stores and analyzes industrial sensor data and visualizes it in real time in their iOS app. MoxieWORLD is a comprehensive solution for tracking the movement and activity of assets – from overhead cranes, forklifts, and pallets, to human assets. The app shows charts and map overlay traces colored by speed, hours of usage, direction of movement and more. All data and activity are stored securely and accessible from the moxieWORLD iOS App.

MoxieWorld was created using the InfluxDB platform. By adopting industry standards and cutting-edge technology, MoxieWORLD provides manufacturing companies with a single source of truth. The iPad app enables their clients to visualize and analyze industrial factory data in real time. MOXIE’s team has built its solution on InfluxDB and various other technologies. They are also using MQTT, Python, Swift, AWS EC2 and Ultra-Wideband technology to accurately measure and track any object, device, personnel or machinery.

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10 seconds

Rate of industrial IoT data collection

3D visualizations

Powering iOS app providing insights into customers’ factory floors

Reduced customers’ overhead expenses

Clients have been able to improve operational efficiencies by 22%

Technologies Used

“MoxieWORLD has made a client’s operations 70-80% more efficient.”

- Austin Gurley, Founder and CEO, MOXIE IoT

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