Aula is a communication platform for education. They bring engagement to the core of the digital student experience by replacing learning management systems.

Aula is a microservices application for education that helps facilitate communication between educators and students at universities. The platform replaces traditional learning management systems by providing an engaging and seamless user experience that helps learners succeed. About 83% of teachers have stated that using the Aula platform has positively impacted their teaching and learning methodologies. The Aula platform is powered by InfluxDB, Chronograf, Kapacitor and Docker.

InfluxDB is the purpose-built time series platform built for developers. Aula uses InfluxDB to gain real-time insights into their education platform. Their team uses TICKscripts to query and transform their data. Aula uses Chronograf (the UI and admin component of the InfluxDB platform) for fast dashboards and alerting. Aula appreciates that they can set up Chronograf to use OAuth2 for login – they were able to use their GitHub account to log into Chronograf. Kapacitor is the native real-time streaming data processing engine for InfluxDB. Aula’s team valued that they were able to configure alerts with Kapacitor through Chronograf’s UI. Aula Education’s technical team were able to get quickly started with the TICK Stack easily with Docker Compose examples. Try InfluxDB today for free.