Basefarm is a provider of mission-critical infrastructure and other business-critical IT including big data, IT security, application management and hybrid cloud solutions that cover everything from colocation in their data centers to full operational responsibility for both private and public cloud platforms. Founded in 2000, Basefarm operates with a team of 550+ engineers and advisors to service global clients from their many European offices and data centers located throughout Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

The team at Basefarm found themselves looking for a new monitoring solution and with InfluxData, they found it. In less than six months, Basefarm was able to successfully replace their former commercial monitoring solution with InfluxDB Enterprise, InfluxData’s Telegraf and other components to effortlessly monitor more than 9,000 servers and services.

What really sold Poul Sørensen, Senior Systems Consultant for Basefarm AS, on InfluxData was that he found that the products provided the high level of complexity that their team required while remaining user-friendly and accessible. Poul explained that one of his favorite features is being able to tag data. He also likes that he can use fine-grained authorization (FGA) and finds it to be an important feature of InfluxDB Enterprise because it enables his team to differentiate customers throughout the entire chain – from measuring and alerting to graphing and reporting.