Nutanix Beam is an intelligent cloud management platform that is designed to make cloud easy for engineers so that they are focused on business-critical initiatives instead of routine analysis and operations. Featuring an intelligent automation engine, Beam provides an overarching set of features like smart diagnostics, industry’s first ‘Click-To-Fix’ feature, cost management analytics, complete infrastructure audits, DevOps automation, and more to manage and optimize AWS infrastructure for cost, security and performance.

Nutanix developed an intelligent cloud management platform called Beam that helps their customers manage cost, improve their security posture and automate day-to-day operations so their engineers can focus on business problems. This platform collects time series data from several sources in order to derive actionable insights that keep the DevOps team productive. At the heart of their solution is InfluxData. In order for their platform to provide the automation framework for their DevOps customers, they need to collect metric and event data on all the Beam tasks that are executed. This is important because they need to inform their customers in near real time which tasks are done and which ones are not.

They like InfluxData for its simplicity, ease of use, support for various client libraries and great querying capability. In addition, the lack of operational overhead compared to an OpenTSDB or KairosDB+Cassandra solution allows their team to focus on adding enhancements to their platform instead of spending precious developer time managing a complex system.

Similar to many InfluxData customers, Nutanix’s journey to selection and implementation of InfluxData didn’t begin with InfluxData. They tried and deployed several solutions starting with OpenTSDB, Cassandra and KairosDB before realizing that they needed a purpose-built tool that was easy to use and could easily scale with their business. Read more about the details of their technical journey in the below-mentioned blog post.

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