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Texas Instruments

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Texas Instruments (TI) was founded in 1951 and makes electronics more attainable by creating semiconductors. The organization has around 30,000 employees worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, Japan and China. TI is known for being innovative while manufacturing electronic systems for many industries.

As with any organization, TI’s machines, tools and processes can impact output levels. They use a time series database to monitor and improve production and quality assurance. Texas Instruments uses InfluxDB to discover inefficiencies across their operations and to improve product standards.

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Faster to set up InfluxDB than a relational database


Daily average number of data points written


Operational support to achieve better overall equipment utilization

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“Having used InfluxDB at home, I knew setting up InfluxDB would only take me minutes versus over an hour with a relational database.”

- Michael Hinkle, Probe Engineering and Manufacturing Supervisor, Texas Instruments

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