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Football Addicts

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FootballAddicts success story

Football Addicts’ main product is ForzaFootball, an iOS and Android app that provides live scores, lineups, push notifications, opinion polls and video highlights for more than 800 football leagues and cups around the world.

Football Addicts rewrote their push notification system from scratch in Elixir and use InfluxDB for the monitoring and gathering of metrics of this notifications system. Football Addicts chose InfluxDB because it offered everything they needed to build their monitoring stack. They make use of most of the TICK Stack, using Telegraf for aggregating application and system-level metrics thanks to its fast UDP interface, InfluxDB to store these metrics, and Kapacitor for alerting and downsampling of these metrics.


Football leagues and cups highlighted on the iOS/Android platform

Real-time alerting

Live updates on games, scores, lineups for customers

Better DevOps monitoring

Observability insights into network, infrastructure and apps

Technologies Used

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