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IT Squared

IT Squared, also referred to as IT2, is a full-service information technology service provider located outside of Boston in Haverhill, Massachusetts. IT Squared’s specialty and expertise is in Application Modernization and Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Their aim is to provide their clients with the most cost-effective IT Consulting expertise and solutions tailored to their organization’s and industry’s unique needs. They do so by utilizing the most robust open source technologies and differentiating themselves by offering these services at a fraction of the cost of large box vendors or big consulting.

Richard Juknavorian, Managing Partner at IT Squared, explained that he finds the use of time series data to monitor an entire application stack or the health of every transaction to be a highly compelling feature of InfluxData products. At IT Squared, they utilize InfluxData products in a number of ways and in conjunction with a number of other products. For example, they use InfluxDB to ingest metrics and delays from SteelCentral AppInternals, an APM tool by Riverbed. They also analyze data using native dashboards with Grafana and Chronograf in order to unlock data stored, as well as instantly uncover insights that lie at the intersection of data being collected about any number of things such as systems, applications, and end-users, etc.

Encouraging open source adoption

Encouraging clients to use best monitoring tool available

Cost reduction

Helping clients reduce operational costs

Improved observability

Better infrastructure and app visibility and root-cause analysis

Technologies Used

“We utilize a bunch of different open-source tools, including InfluxDB, in order to speak the language of SREs and other APM specialists… and it also provides senior leadership with snapshot views into how the applications are performing.”

- Richard Juknavorian, Managing Partner, IT Squared

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