MAJiK Systems are the creators of a cloud-based factory and manufacturing monitoring platform. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, MAJiK has been recognized as a leader in the digital manufacturing space with a Top 10 Manufacturing Execution System award from Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine because of their Predictive Maintenance and IIoT Connectivity solutions. Their Visual Factory solution helps their customers monitor, analyze, and optimize operations by providing real-time plant floor analytics. They aim to provide insights into root cause analysis of downtime, quality issues, and other production slowdowns.

MAJiK uses the purpose-built time series platform to continuously improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within factories. By integrating InfluxData’s Telegraf and Chronograf (for drill-down data exploration) into the Visual Factory product, MAJiK’s Process Connect integration platform provides the data and framework to apply Statistical Process Control in plants and across organizations. This enables process engineers to monitor the telemetry of any automated process or production method to drive the improvement of critical workflows. By using InfluxDB, MAJiK has gained real-time insights into large industrial manufacturing plants.

Use your favorite IIoT protocol and InfluxDB to improve safety and increase output for free.