Marionete is a leading UK predictive analytics company, specializing in real-time data. The company’s Data Science, Big Data, DataOps and Blockchain teams work with clients on a flexible, team augmentation basis, both on-site and near-site, to meet clients’ strategic and budgetary needs. In addition to its highly skilled workforce, Marionete is supported by an impressive partner network, which includes some of the biggest and brightest names in the sector. The ability to leverage this network brings added insight, wider expertise and vendor knowledge to provide solutions to your project’s challenges that others cannot.

Marionete is using InfluxDB in a microwave telecommunications mock-up lab for analysis and training purposes. Telegraf and InfluxDB are installed “in-rack” with simulated network core and edge equipment. InfluxDB is used to ingest SNMP data from Telegraf, directly from the microwave equipment. This data is displayed using Chronograf, allowing “at-a-glance” status information to be read directly from the equipment’s SNMP Agents. NodeMCU devkits also feed analog voltage levels into InfluxDB, as well as monitoring, and trending dry contacts.

Marionete’s favorite features of InfluxDB are the smooth integration with other tools, open source platform, performance and scalability. It’s very useful that InfluxDB has an almost “native” SQL standard to create databases, create tables and make queries without a learning curve. Telegraf works well on both major OS Linux and Windows and collects the required metrics for the replacement of an old enterprise monitoring tool with agents. InfluxDB integrated seamlessly with already existing tools, like Prometheus and Grafana. With InfluxDB, Marionete has the ability to scale and preserve data for as long as required.

Lead DevOps Engineer Rui Grafino believes InfluxDB, as a time series database, has four major selling points.

  • It works in Windows / Linux, which is something that most tools don't offer and that enterprise customers are always looking for.
  • The collector is amazing.
  • It integrates well with other tools.
  • The SQL-like language makes adoption so easy.

Grafino recommends scaling out ahead of time because you will have the necessary buffer windows to plan changes on architecture or plan housekeeping data.