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PipelineFX has been helping organizations of all sizes to better manage rendering for digital media applications and programs. Its software product, “Qube!” was originally built for Square USA’s groundbreaking animated movie “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” and has been used on hundreds of feature films since. PipelineFX works hard to understand your rendering workflow and requirements, and offer comprehensive products and services to dramatically improve your rendering performance. Success in digital media today requires maximum efficiency, and PipelineFX will strive to optimize your existing infrastructure as well as planned future expansion.

PipelineFX provides a SaaS offering, called “Qube!”, which allows organizations of all sizes to better manage rendering for digital media applications and programs. The issue with rendering any digital asset or movie is that it is a very dynamic process that can consume a variable number of resources during the rendering and then use none when the rendering is completed.

The business problem is how to help customers achieve maximum efficiency paying only for the resources they consume, while allowing the PipelineFX service to achieve maximum utilization across the whole server rendering farm. PipelineFX chose InfluxDB Cloud and MySQL as their solution to provide real-time metrics and billing at one-minute level precision. This allows their customers to maximize their investment in Qube without having to commit in perpetual licenses that may go unused. They also use InfluxDB Cloud to provide monitoring and management of the customer’s digital asset batch, providing insight into disk and node utilization and performance.

750 +

Number of render farm customers who are running 35,000+ render nodes

1 minute precision

Enabling customers with better real-time usage and billing insights

Improved customer experience

Helping optimize their costs and make better business decisions

Technologies Used

“InfluxDB Cloud’s database (InfluxDB) is a high-IO database server that tracks a large number of metrics that allows us to drill down and solve customer problems remotely.”

- John Burk,​ Senior Software Developer, PipelineFX

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