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Row44 success story

Row 44, Inc. (now Anuvu) provides satellite-based in-flight broadband for commercial aircraft — a wireless hotspot in the sky. The solution provides passengers with connectivity and in-flight entertainment while providing operations data and other services to cockpit and crew.

Row44 has built a custom DevOps monitoring solution that serves as a backup to their “big-bucks” commercial monitoring system. The “big-bucks” monitoring system has gone down a couple of times when they had critical system issues, and their custom monitoring solution serves as a backup for those times. The custom solution leverages Telegraf, InfluxDB and in the future Chronograf. For Row44, InfluxDB provided a quick, easy and painless way to access time series data without the admin headaches of trying to shoehorn it into a traditional relational database.

167 million +

Number of in-flight wireless hotspot customers

Better network monitoring

Needed a better solution for critical system issues

Better visualizations

Able to easily access time series data with less admin headaches

Technologies Used

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