Rune Labs is a software and data analytics company for precision neurology, supporting care delivery and therapy development. They are collecting and processing data from various sources including a mobile app, sensors implanted inside of patients, and from patients’ wearables. Rune Labs primarily work in the Parkinson’s medical research and treatment fields. Their StrivePD platform is a care delivery ecosystem for Parkinson’s disease, enabling patients and clinicians to better manage Parkinson’s by providing access to curated dashboards summarizing a range of patient data sources, and by connecting patients to clinical trials.

Rune Labs’ platform collects real-time data that helps patients better understand the day-to-day lives of those with Parkinson’s. The data is ingested from deep brain stimulation (DBS devices as well as their iOS app, and Apple Watch integration). Rune Labs partners with device manufacturers to develop software that helps them make better use of their data. The company has a web portal for clinicians where they can view the data that their patients have asked Rune Labs to share with them.

Rune Labs uses InfluxDB to collect all of their numerical time-stamped data. They differentiate it as numerical time series data as the data has a timestamp and at least one numerical value (there may be multiple values). Once the data is cleaned up and extracted from the raw data, it’s used in their platform and stored in InfluxDB.

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