Pinnacle21 by Certara is a software company specializing in life sciences solutions. Their flagship product, Pinnacle 21 Enterprise (P21E for short), is used by major life science and pharmaceutical companies to validate clinical trial data. When developing medical treatments, medicines, and devices, there are specific data standards the CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) established that must be met to be approved. Pinnacle 21 customers use P21E to ensure their data is going to look correct when it goes for approval. In laymen’s terms, “It’s like spell-check for your clinical trial data.”

Pinnacle 21 uses InfluxDB to enable better DevOps monitoring — by providing better visibility into their servers — and optimize application performance. This enables their customers to validate their clinical trial data faster, bringing life-saving medicine and treatments to those in need. Their DevOps team is using InfluxDB, Telegraf, Node.js, Chef, and AWS to streamline their data pipeline’s accuracy. Pinnacle 21 is using the purpose-built time series platform to gain observability into their apps, servers, and application availability over HTTP.

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