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SeaBits is a platform which provides information about marine electronics, boating projects and general technology. SeaBits collaborates with technologists around the world to ensure they are providing their community with the most relevant technologies to enable safe and fun boating and sailing. Over the years, it has evolved into a review-based website filled with content based on real-life usage of various products and services.

By using the open marine data standard, Signal K, boaters are able to better understand the current state of their boat in real time. SeaBits’ founder Steve Mitchell uses InfluxDB and Grafana to monitor and visualize data and trends while on his boat.

Consolidated disparate data

Enabled useful trend analysis by using various boating system and sensor data

Better network monitoring

Connected old boating network data (serial, CAN bus, ethernet, wifi, etc.)

Improved dashboards

Enabled better insights into weather and electrical systems

Technologies Used

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