ShockIT is a Polish company that offers services in web development, custom software development, cloud solutions and team extension. The team consists of experienced enthusiasts whose favorite occupations are deepening new technologies, sharing knowledge and making team connections. ShockIT focuses on building long-term customer relations which are always based on a win-win approach.

ShockIT is using InfluxDB to store data and messages from various sensors and devices. The company uses this information to draw charts, analyze them, and send notifications and alerts to the owners, implementing message brokers based on MQTT protocol. ShockIT tested different implementations in terms of performance to push the boundaries of the maximum amount of messages and records per minute. This process led the company to use InfluxDB as a database engine for storing messages.

ShockIT enjoys InfluxDB’s high ingest, smooth integration with other tools, open source platform, scalability and performance. The company’s clients demand high-performance solutions that can scale up while needed, and InfluxDB meets this requirement. As the ShockIT team was experienced with .NET and C# technologies, it was important to find client and query wrappers to speed up the development process and take advantage of the developers’ existing skills. InfluxDB had many tools developed by the community that the company could use.

ShockIT developer Lukasz Zoladkiewicz recommends InfluxDB because it has a great variety of tools found on GitHub that are well-tested, open-source, and developed by the community. The engine is scalable and highly performant, allowing the company to deliver the best solutions to its demanding customers. Many integrations help you take advantage of your developer team’s existing skills and move forward with new projects quickly. Thanks to InfluxDB, ShockIT could bring the performance of their IoT solutions to the next level in terms of the number of new records per minute.