Aporeto is a Kubernetes network plugin that enforces the security policies specified by Kubernetes NetworkPolicy resources in a scalable way. It goes further to extend and strengthen the security of Kubernetes workloads with automatically generated trusted identities for workloads; automated creation of editable security policies; distributed enforcement for scalability; security policies that request AES-256 encryption; real-time and historical visibility of security; alerts for anomalous behaviors; and reduced complexity for DevSecOps whose applications can span Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes environments.

Aporeto strengthens security and simplifies operations for enterprises with cloud-native and legacy applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The company wanted to help its customers avoid the pitfalls of traditional security practices as they migrate legacy and cloud-native workloads to hybrid and multicloud infrastructures. Aporeto chose InfluxDB because it met its metrics database criteria and had a unique set of properties that could be leveraged for the Aporeto solution. Using InfluxDB, Aporeto delivers improved security for Kubernetes and other cloud environments and real-time visibility into security metrics and events.