Aporeto is a Kubernetes network plugin that enforces the security policies specified by Kubernetes NetworkPolicy resources in a scalable way, and goes further to extend and strengthen the security of Kubernetes workloads with automatically generated trusted identities for workloads, automated creation of editable security policies, distributed enforcement for scalability, security policies that request AES-256 encryption, real-time and historical visibility of security, alerts for anomalous behaviors, and decreased complexity for DevSecOps whose applications can span Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Customer Success Story: Aporeto

Aporeto strengthens security and simplifies operations for enterprises with cloud-native and legacy applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The company wanted to help its customers avoid the pitfalls of traditional security practices as as they migrate legacy and cloud-native workloads to hybrid and multicloud infrastructures. Aporeto chose InfluxDB because it met its metrics database criteria and had a unique set of properties that could be leveraged for the Aporeto solution. Using InfluxDB, Aporeto delivers improved security for Kubernetes and other cloud environments and real-time visibility into security metrics and events.

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The Challenge:

Growing reliance on the cloud, microservices, and containers to accelerate software delivery are creating new security concerns, for which existing security methods and tools are at best inadequate. In contrast, cloud-native security can provide one consistent security model that works across sites and clouds—with no changes to source for developers—and clear visibility for InfoSec teams. So Aporeto set out to create a solution that would meet DevSecOps’ cloud-native security requirements.

The Result:

Designed with cloud workloads in mind, the Aporeto solution automatically enforces sound security policies, solves the M&M problem, and allows enterprises to leverage open source without opening themselves up to undue security risks.

With the Aporeto solution in place, enterprises are able to:

  • Confidently, securely and effectively leverage hybrid cloud resources to meet business objectives
  • Move beyond the flawed perimeter security model to the state-of-the-art Zero Trust Model recommended by NIST, which is ideal for cloud workloads.

“InfluxDB is absolutely central to the Aporeto solution…It gives us the awesome performance profile that’s required for the huge-scale environments that our customers are putting us to use in, and the complexity is very low.”

Don Chouinard, Product Marketing Lead, Aporeto


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