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Algist Bruggeman


Algist Bruggeman NV produces yeast for large-scale bakeries and home bakers. The company lacked insight into its fermentation process as its sensor data collection process was manual. Production data was committed to paper, making it difficult to compare batches, aggregate production parameters or detect anomalies.

Factry.IO’s data historian, built on InfluxDB, has helped Algist Bruggeman collect process data, enabling it to gain more insight into its production process and provide predictive maintenance.

€120 million +

Annual revenue from manufacturing fresh and dried yeast

Uses OPC-UA protocol

Collecting PLC and SCADA system data

Enabling predictive maintenance

By using Factry.IO’s data historian to collect sensor data

Technologies Used

“We are very confident in InfluxDB. The system is so easy to install. It’s so easy to implement and to use.”

- Ivo Lemmens, Project Manager Automation, Algist Bruggeman

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