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Yad2, which means “second hand” in Hebrew, is the largest classified internet market website in Israel, as well as one of the top 10 websites in Israel for web traffic. Yad2 users can sell or buy vehicles, second-hand goods, pets, find or post homes for rent, as well as find or post jobs.

Yad2 began working with InfluxData’s purpose-built time series database, InfluxDB, and found that integrating InfluxDB at Yad2 was particularly easy. Specifically, the team at Yad2 enjoyed working with InfluxQL, InfluxData’s SQL-like query language for interacting with InfluxDB, since everyone already knew SQL.

Increased website reliability

Real-time monitoring of Israel’s largest classified online marketplace

Reduced downtime

Collecting and analyzing website infrastructure metrics — among Israel’s top busiest sites

Better customer experience

Improved online experience for sellers and buyers, resulting in increased revenues

Technologies Used

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Sendo uses InfluxDB for website monitoring and for testing its cloud-native backend infrastructure tool's performance.



Wayfair uses InfluxDB to monitor its infrastructure and storefront operations 24/7 spread across three data centers.

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