InfluxDB Native Collectors

Use InfluxDB as a direct cloud-to-cloud data collector

Why use Native Collectors?

InfluxDB Native Collectors make it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time time series data by subscribing directly to supported cloud brokers. Native Collectors eliminate the need for additional services, layers, or custom coding, giving you real-time insights faster and improving your Time to Awesome.



Configure Native Collectors using a straightforward three-step process. Simply set the broker, topic, and parsing rules.


Fully managed

Establishes cloud-to-cloud data connections without additional dependencies. A true ‘no code’ or ops burden solution.



Start collecting data from your distributed sources quickly to focus on building real-time applications.


Peace of mind

Know that your data pipelines are always working with the same level of enterprise security, reliability, and support you get with InfluxDB Cloud.


Clean data

Apply transformations and amendments to your data as it arrives so you only write clean data to your datastore.


Broad support

InfluxDB Native Collectors support the most common cloud subscriptions, brokers, and services. Support for MQTT is already active, with support for Kafka, AMQP, and more coming soon.



Native Collectors don’t require experts to set up or to manage code or software, so you can get more out of your time series data without adding costs or complexity to your solution.


Cloud first

We designed Native Collectors to be cloud first, so users that only have systems running in the cloud can leverage those without the need to add extra legs – and points of failure – to their data pipelines.

How to ingest data with InfluxDB

Ingestion using Telegraf Agent



Real-world customer use cases and success stories.

MQTT Native Collector

Create a fast and reliable cloud-to-cloud data pipeline with InfluxDB Cloud.

HiveMQ partner

Papers covering in-depth time series industry topics, trends, and practical tips.

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