Why use SQL to query your metrics?

SQL is a popular querying language used for storing and retrieving data from multiple databases. InfluxDB Cloud supports SQL, making it possible for developers familiar with SQL to quickly build real-time applications and take advantage of InfluxDB’s high-performance time series engine.

Native SQL Support

InfluxDB Cloud, powered by IOx, uses Apache DataFusion to support native SQL queries, making it possible to query InfluxDB buckets with SQL statements.


Online SQL Editor

Use InfluxDB Cloud's SQL editor to perform advanced analytics on your time series data in real-time, delivering critical insights and value.


FlightSQL support

Work faster and extend time series insights into popular tools that support FlightSQL, like Apache SuperSet, Tableau, and Power BI.

Use your preferred tools

InfluxDB supports many tools to perform advanced analytics quickly and deliver insights on your time series data.


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Training for time series app developers.

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