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Why Use K-Means for Time Series Data? (Part Three)

In Part One of this series, I give an overview of how to use different statistical functions and K-Means Clustering for anomaly detection for time series data. In Part Two, I share some code showing how to apply K-means to time series data as well as some drawbacks of...

How To: Building Flux Queries in Chronograf

As you all may or may not know (and if you don’t, you haven’t been reading my posts!), I’ve built an embedded IoT gateway proof of concept device that runs (of course) InfluxDB—really the entire TICK Stack—and collects data from connected Bluetooth, WiFi and LoRa...

Release Announcement: Chronograf 1.7.3

A new maintenance release for Chronograf is available now. Chronograf 1.7.3 — release notes This maintenance release for Chronograf includes the following updates: Added a loading spinner while fetching predefined dashboards when creating a source Resolved an issue...

Flux Office Hours Scheduled and More Flux Blog Posts Coming Soon

Flux is InfluxData’s new functional data scripting language designed for querying, analyzing, and interacting with data. We recently launched Flux(0.7) as part of the InfluxDB 1.7 and Chronograf 1.7 released last week. The developers who attended last week’s...

  • November ’18
  • 26

    Event Details

    Come meet our developers at AWS Reinvent !


    (Monday) 06:00am - (Friday) 08:00pm PST



  • December ’18
  • 03

    Event Details

    Come listen to Gianluca Arbezzano speak at DevOpsCon !


    (Monday) 09:00am - (Thursday) 06:45pm EET


    The Westin Grand Hotel Munich, Germany

  • 04

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    Come join the Boston Time Series to hear about Wayfair's Storefront on InfluxData


    (Tuesday) 06:00pm - 08:00pm EST


    Wayfair- 4 Copley Place Floor 7, Boston, MA

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