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Luxoft is an international custom software development company with more than 13,100 employees, and with 41 offices in 20 countries in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa. It is incorporated in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, has its operating headquarters office in Zug, Switzerland, tax domiciled in London and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Their customer list consists of over 170 clients, over 30 of which are high potential accounts (next UBS, Boeing, Harman etc.).

Luxoft uses Telegraf to send the metric data of hosts to the InfluxDB backend. It is a great backend that works on top of Kubernetes (K8s). They use InfluxData to monitor K8s as well as utilize the K8s plugin. Chronograf is used for administrative tasks such as database and user management, and they use Grafana for graphing.

They appreciate the entire TICK Stack!

13,000 +

Number of employees at custom software dev organization in 20+ countries

Kubernetes monitoring

Gained better insights into clients’ infrastructures including containers

Better visualization

Easier administrative tasks including DB and user management

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